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First Principles of Composition

If your photos are boring, get closer. This was sage advice from photographer from long ago. What he was saying is that the most common mistake when composing a photograph is including too much. Landscape photographers are particularly culpable in this respect, because it's often the vastness of the landscape that has us reaching for our cameras. But everything cannot be...

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Mine's bigger than yours. Selling bragging rights is what more megapixels mean for consumer camera marketing departments. If an image never makes it to ink on paper and is confined to a virtual existence on screen, then the fewest megapixels money can buy are enough. Full HD monitors and televisions display about 2 megapixels worth of image data. Even the latest 4K Ultra High Definition screens...

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Sony A7RII Field Review – Part 1

Technology In A Box - This is a field review of the Sony A7RII as a landscape camera. The focus is primarily how well the camera functions in the field, as well as image quality considerations in landscape photographs, leaving technical studio details to the many camera review sites. I've been working with the A7RII for about six months in a variety...

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Sony A7RII Field Review – Part 2

Technology In The Field - Image quality is perhaps the single biggest priority for landscape photographers looking to print large. To be sure, lenses and shooting techniques are a huge component of producing high quality images. But the quality of the imaging electronics inside a camera puts an absolute ceiling on what is possible. The imaging sensor combined with...

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