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Astrophotography – Image Processing

The digital revolution has created unprecedented possibilities for the amateur astrophotographer. Through the use of digital cameras, computerized telescope mounts, and advanced image processing, relative neophytes can capture cosmic wonders from the comfort of their backyards. Broadly speaking, astrophotography can be divided into two phases, capture and processing, just like...

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The Reality Of Art

Is it real or is it photoshopped? The answer is yes. This common question regarding the "validity" of digital photographs, whether in a fine art gallery or on the cover of a tabloid magazine, clearly implies that digital image manipulation is dishonest. If it was photoshopped, it must not be real. The truth is that every online image and the vast majority of images in print are...

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Lightroom RAW Processing

This video tutorial is an overview of RAW image processing using the latest iteration of Adobe Lightroom. Through example, the tutorial provides a step by step work flow for photographers who are in the process of learning Lightroom and transitioning away from depending on in camera JPEGs. The tutorial specifically addresses processing high contrast and detailed images, that are so common in landscape photography...

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Vertical Panoramas

The truth is that most artworks sell because they match the ottoman, or the curtains, or fit the blank spaces on the wall. To be sure, artistic composition and technical execution come into play. But, by and large, art is purchased as decoration and needs to fit in with the surrounding decor. And there are no blank spaces on the wall more wanting of art than the tall and narrow spaces between the windows...

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The Right Place and Time

In 1854, Louis Pasteur observed that "chance favors the prepared mind." More than a century later, Woody Allen quipped that "seventy percent of success in life is showing up." These quotes by a scientist and a comedian can be distilled into a nature photographer's mantra: Show up prepared. With the global ubiquity of cameras and photo enthusiasts, photographers amount to what is likely the biggest artists community...

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Sharpness and Detail

The devil is in getting the details. That's because lots of megapixels and pricey lenses won't get you there alone. Making use of all those megapixels also takes meticulous technique. Getting sharp, detailed images requires following three rules, focus accurately, choose the best aperture, and keep the camera motionless during exposure. Ignore any of these rules and your prize winning composition may well...

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