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Large Sensor Compacts

Somewhere between the convenience of the smartphone and image quality of a full frame DSLR is a growing category of camera called large sensor compacts. Smartphones have all but killed the compact camera due to their convenience and rapidly improving photographic abilities. But there are two things engineers just can't cram into a smartphone chassis, a large sensor and...

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Pentax K-1

Enter the recently released Pentax K-1, the company's first full frame DSLR. The K-1 uses the older Sony 36MP full frame sensor, but to new effect. By exploiting the camera's in body image stabilization, Pentax has added pixel shift technology to the K-1. The technology essentially takes four consecutive exposures while moving the sensor one pixel width in a four directional grid. The four exposures are combined...

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Sony A7RII Field Review – Part 1

Technology In A Box - This is a field review of the Sony A7RII as a landscape camera. The focus is primarily how well the camera functions in the field, as well as image quality considerations in landscape photographs, leaving technical studio details to the many camera review sites. I've been working with the A7RII for about six months in a variety...

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Sony A7RII Field Review – Part 2

Technology In The Field - Image quality is perhaps the single biggest priority for landscape photographers looking to print large. To be sure, lenses and shooting techniques are a huge component of producing high quality images. But the quality of the imaging electronics inside a camera puts an absolute ceiling on what is possible. The imaging sensor combined with...

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Canon Pro-2000 And Pro-4000 Printers

Canon recently announced four new wide format printers as upgrades to their current fleet of professional printers. The Pro-2000 and Pro-4000 are 24 and 44 inch printers respectively, targeted at the photography and fine art markets. The "S" models of those printers trade some precision for speed, aiming squarely at the signage markets. Notable upgrades over Canon's existing...

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Phase One XF 100MP

At the beginning of the year, Phase One of Denmark broke a glass ceiling by introducing a 100 megapixel medium format camera, the XF 100MP. The introductory price has been set at an eye watering $48,990, which includes a Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS lens. It is billed as the ultimate camera, and may well be the finest imaging device ever offered this side of the Defense Department. The specs...

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