Color Landscapes

Black & White Landscapes



Welcome to the Nature Windows Photography Portfolios, a collection of work presented by Klaus Puska. The included photographs span three decades and cross three continents. The images were captured with a variety of equipment, including several medium format film cameras and various digital cameras. All the images are processed digitally for presentation here as well as for state of the art digital printing.

The portfolios include both Color and Black & White landscapes. Color Landscapes emphasize the interplay of vibrant light on natural environments. Black & White Landscapes simplify nature to its graphic essence. The images are created to share the natural artistry and grace of our environment and to convey the power of nature on the human spirit.

Human faces and expressions are the landscapes of emotion. Though this site is primarily focused on landscape photography, select images of people, both as a part of natural landscapes and cityscapes, have been included as well. We are fundamentally an expression of and inseparable from nature.

Astrophotography provides a look into the vast cosmos within which our tiny sphere floats. The boundless artistry of nature is not limited to life on our planet, but is also expressed on a cosmic scale. A glimpse at these cosmic jewels provides a perspective beyond the confines of daily life.

Most of the photographs exhibited in the Portfolios are available for purchase as prints in a variety of styles. Limited Edition Prints are numbered and signed fine art works, created one at a time using state-of-the-art techniques and materials to ensure rich, detailed images and exceptional longevity. Limited Edition Prints are available with a range of mounting and framing options. Select images and finishes are also offered as unsigned artworks. A complete presentation of available options and prices can be found at the online Store or by clicking on the Cart icon for each image.

Thanks for visiting the portfolios.